Built heritage assessments

At Trace Enterprises, we specialise in assessing, documenting, and preserving historic buildings. With extensive experience working with government entities, local councils, private businesses, and individual property owners, we have the expertise to assist you in fulfilling your legal requirements for building maintenance and development.

Navigating heritage legislation: ensuring compliance and streamlining your project

With our expertise in heritage legislation, we provide comprehensive guidance on the regulatory landscape, eliminating any uncertainty from your project. We understand that different scenarios call for different measures. While the Heritage Act 2018 may be relevant, there may also be additional local heritage guidelines and ordinances to comply with. Rest assured, our team not only ensures legislative compliance but also takes charge of stakeholder engagement when necessary.

Built heritage assessments

At Trace Enterprises, we offer comprehensive built heritage assessments to evaluate the historical and cultural significance of existing heritage sites. This assessment is a vital part of the heritage development and planning process, facilitating informed decision-making that respects and preserves our shared heritage.

Our methodology for assessing site significance is rooted in a thorough understanding and application of existing legislation and guidelines, including those provided by the WA Heritage Council, HERCON, and the Burra Charter. These standards guide our evaluation process, ensuring our assessments are robust, transparent, and consistent.

What sets us apart is our team's diverse academic backgrounds in archaeology and anthropology. This breadth of knowledge allows us to look beyond the obvious facets of built heritage. While we certainly appreciate the architectural and aesthetic aspects of a building, we delve deeper, scrutinising other key features and archaeological elements that might influence a building's significance. This could include aspects such as the surrounding landscape, the building's relationship to its environment, and the latent historical narratives embedded within its structure.

Our thorough approach considers elements that built heritage professionals without an archaeological or anthropological background might overlook. For instance, we explore traces of past human activity, identifying telltale signs of historical life and usage patterns that can offer new insights into the building's past. We also pay attention to the materials and construction techniques used, which can reveal information about the era's technology, craftsmanship, and resources.

In essence, our built heritage assessments are not merely about assessing the current state of a building. They are about peeling back the layers of time to unearth the rich tapestry of stories, histories, and cultural significance that the building encapsulates. Every building has a story to tell, and at Trace Enterprises, we are committed to bringing those stories to light.

GPR, 3D mapping and photogrammetry

Discover the cutting-edge technologies that can record and preserve built heritage elements. From Ground Penetrating Radar to 3D Mapping and Photogrammetry, our innovative tools capture every detail. We also offer Aerial Photography and Cinematography, as well as applying GIS software to enhance your understanding.

In addition, our team can develop comprehensive Conservation Management Plans tailored to your specific needs. These plans provide concrete guidelines and recommendations for future development.

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