Specialist Fauna Services

At Trace Enterprises, our team of dedicated and certified zoologists and fauna ecologists offers a comprehensive array of specialised services tailored to meet the diverse needs of our clients across various sectors. With years of experience and expertise in the field, we bring a wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge techniques to every project we undertake.

Our specialised services are backed by state-of-the-art sampling devices and equipment, ensuring that we adhere to EPA-recommended standard methodologies in all our fauna ecology projects. Whether it's population estimates and monitoring of threatened species and introduced species, migratory bird surveys, development of Recovery Programmes for threatened species, habitat and impact assessments for threatened and introduced species, Short-Range Endemic (SRE) invertebrate surveys, or species identification, we have the skills and resources to deliver accurate and reliable results.

Robust Population Estimates and Monitoring

In the realm of population estimates and monitoring, our team employs robust techniques to gather data on threatened and introduced species. Through systematic surveys and analysis, we provide valuable insights into population dynamics, distribution patterns, and habitat preferences, crucial for understanding species conservation status and formulating effective management strategies.

Migratory Bird Surveys

Our migratory bird surveys are conducted with meticulous attention to detail, focusing on key migratory routes and habitats. Utilising advanced bird monitoring techniques such as point count surveys and remote sensing, we assess bird abundance, diversity, and behaviour. Our surveys significantly contribute to bird conservation efforts and inform habitat management planning.

Collaborative Recovery Programmes

Trace Enterprises adopts a collaborative approach when developing Recovery Programmes for threatened species. We work closely with conservation organisations, government agencies, and stakeholders to plan and implement strategies like habitat restoration, captive breeding programmes, population monitoring protocols, and public awareness campaigns. Our expertise ensures effective species recovery planning.

Comprehensive Habitat and Impact Assessments

Habitat and impact assessments are integral to our services, evaluating the ecological health and integrity of habitats supporting threatened and introduced species. Through field surveys, GIS analysis, and ecological modelling, we assess habitat quality, identify potential threats, and recommend mitigation measures. Our assessments minimise impacts on biodiversity and promote sustainable conservation practices.

Specialised Surveys and Species Identification

Our team conducts Short-Range Endemic (SRE) invertebrate surveys meticulously, documenting and understanding the diversity and distribution of these ecologically significant species. We also provide precise species-level identification for both vertebrates and invertebrates encountered during surveys and assessments. This data contributes valuable insights to conservation and management efforts.

Data-Driven Conservation Insights

The information collected through Trace Enterprises' comprehensive fauna ecology services plays a crucial role in conservation decision-making. Conservation practitioners, government agencies, and stakeholders rely on our data-driven insights to develop effective management plans, conservation strategies, and policy recommendations. Our expertise bridges the gap between scientific research and practical conservation action, ensuring sustainable environmental stewardship.

Partner with Trace Enterprises

Trace Enterprises stands as a leader in fauna ecology, offering a diverse range of specialised services contributing to conservation, biodiversity monitoring, and habitat management. Our dedication to scientific excellence, ethical practices, and client satisfaction ensures unparalleled results for every project. We can take on any project no matter the size or scope. Partner with us for expert guidance and solutions in fauna ecology management and conservation.

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