Due diligence & desktop assessment

Understanding the cultural heritage values of a potential project site is essential to inform planning and decision-making to ensure successful development outcomes. A due diligence assessment, or sometimes referred to as a desktop assessment, can provide invaluable insight into those existing archaeological or anthropological records – saving our clients time and money through proactively planning for any risks early in development.

Comprehensive assessments

Prior to any development works beginning, our team of consultants always complete a comprehensive due diligence assessment. This process includes evaluating and managing potential impacts on cultural heritage resources during the planning, development, or implementation of a project or activity. It involves assessing the potential risks to tangible and intangible heritage sites, features, historic buildings, cultural landscapes, artefacts, and other cultural resources that may be affected by the proposed project.

The purpose of heritage due diligence assessment is to identify and understand the cultural heritage values and significance of an area or site, and to develop appropriate measures to avoid, minimize, or mitigate potential adverse impacts. This assessment is typically conducted as part of an environmental impact assessment (EIA) or a broader social impact assessment (SIA).

Government Approval

Achieving the necessary Federal, State and Local Government planning approvals can be a complex process. Here at Trace Enterprises, we’re passionate about making it easier for our clients – guiding them through every step of their project journey with confidence by providing expert advice of all legal and moral heritage requirements. We research each case in depth to guarantee compliance that reflects your needs exactly - so you don't have to worry!

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