Due diligence & desktop assessment

Recognising the cultural heritage values within a project area is paramount for informed planning and decision-making, crucial for achieving successful project outcomes. Our due diligence assessments, often termed desktop assessments, are completed by expert Australian archaeologists and offer invaluable insights into both tangible and intangible heritage documented in the region. By proactively identifying and addressing potential risks early in development, we enable our clients to save time and resources, ensuring efficient and effective project management.

Thorough Desktop Assessment for Comprehensive Insights

Prior to commencing any development activities, our team of Australian archaeologists, anthropologists and historians conducts a thorough due diligence assessment. This comprehensive process involves heritage consulting, evaluating and managing potential impacts on cultural heritage resources throughout the planning, development, or implementation phases of a project or activity. We meticulously research and assess the potential risks to tangible and intangible heritage sites, including known heritage places, cultural landscapes, artefacts, and other cultural resources that may be affected by the proposed project.

The purpose of our heritage due diligence assessment is to identify and understand the cultural heritage values and significance of an area or site. This enables us to develop and implement appropriate measures to avoid, minimise, or mitigate potential adverse impacts on cultural heritage. Our assessment is typically integrated into our broader environmental impact assessments (EIAs) or social impact assessments (SIAs), ensuring a comprehensive approach to project planning and risk management on behalf of our clients.

Government Approval

Navigating the intricate landscape of Federal, State, and Local Government planning approvals requires a comprehensive approach. At Trace Enterprises, our Australian Heritage Specialists are dedicated to simplifying this process for our clients, offering guidance and expertise at every stage of their project journey. Our heritage consulting team is committed to ensuring compliance with both legal and moral heritage requirements, conducting thorough research for each case to tailor solutions precisely to your needs. Trust us to handle the complexities, so you can focus on your goals with peace of mind.

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