Australia’s leaders in archaeology, anthropology, ecology and town planning

Trace Enterprises stands as a distinguished consulting firm specialising in cultural heritage, environmental, and town planning, with headquarters in Osborne Park, Western Australia. Our multidisciplinary team of archaeologists, anthropologists, osteologists, botanists, zoologists, ecologists and town planners are driven by a passion for ethical stewardship, committed to safeguarding our collective human history, preserving natural landscapes, and fostering sustainable urban environments.

We cater to a diverse clientele, including the mining industry, residential and commercial developers, local governments, Indigenous Land Councils, engineers, urban planners, private individuals, and museums across Australia. Our bespoke solutions are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client, ensuring comprehensive and effective outcomes.

Our approach acknowledges the intricate interconnectedness of cultural heritage, environmental sustainability, and urban development. This allows us to offer integrated, holistic solutions that strike a balance between historical preservation, environmental protection, and forward-thinking urban and regional planning strategies.

Through a blend of profound expertise, innovative methodologies, and cutting-edge technologies, we consistently deliver outstanding results that address the multidimensional challenges faced by our clients. At Trace Enterprises, we are committed to excellence, sustainability, and creating lasting positive impacts in every project we undertake.

Our Team

Our elite, multidisciplinary team comprises archaeologists, anthropologists, botanists, ecologists, freshwater and marine biologists, zoologists, project managers, technical specialists, and town planning experts. With extensive experience spanning cultural heritage, environmental management, and sustainable urban development, our professionals are exceptionally well-equipped to approach a diverse array of projects with comprehensive expertise and precision.

By choosing Trace Enterprises, you're partnering with a team fueled by a profound sense of duty and an uncompromising commitment to crafting a more sustainable and inclusive future. Our multidisciplinary expertise in heritage preservation, environmental management, and urban planning embodies a passion, dedication, and relentless pursuit of excellence. Together, we can navigate the complexities of modern challenges to safeguard cultural heritage, protect natural ecosystems, and build resilient, thriving communities for generations to come.


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