Ethnographic surveys

Discover the expertise of the Trace Enterprises team, including our highly trained anthropologists. With a deep understanding and respect of Aboriginal culture, our team is able to accurately capture and document the rich anthropological values of a place. From cultural practices to mythology and spirituality, we provide thorough assessments to meet Aboriginal Cultural Heritage requirements. With extensive experience working with diverse Aboriginal groups, our team ensures the highest level of accuracy when recording the nuanced themes that each place embodies.

Enhancing the cultural significance of heritage places: recording anthropological values

When documenting a heritage place, it is essential to go beyond mere object collection. By capturing the anthropological values associated with the site, we are able to uncover its profound cultural and spiritual significance. This approach allows us to place the site and its artifacts within a broader cultural anthropology landscape.

We consider it a privilege to collaborate with the traditional owners, recording archaeological sites on their country. Equally, we are privileged to document the anthropological values that they hold dear. Throughout our work, we prioritise respect, empathy, and transparency in our interactions with our partners.

Recognising the importance of our mission, we strive to gather as much information as possible about the places we visit. We create highly accurate and valuable written records of the Indigenous groups' ongoing, ancestral connection to the land, ensuring the preservation of their living, continuous traditional relationship.

At all times, we handle sensitive cultural information with the utmost respect and confidentiality, strictly following the guidance of the Traditional Owner representatives. By working together, we can protect and safeguard this valuable knowledge for future generations.

Communication with clients and stakeholders

At Trace Enterprises, we prioritise clear and open communication with our clients and stakeholders throughout our Aboriginal cultural heritage assessment surveys. When working closely with multiple parties, we strive to foster positive communication lines to achieve positive outcomes for all involved. Our team is highly knowledgeable about the legislative frameworks we operate within, ensuring that we can assist Aboriginal groups in working constructively with mining proponents. This expertise allows anthropological field surveys in these environments to run smoothly. For your next anthropological and ethnographic heritage survey, trust the Trace Enterprises team to deliver outstanding results, no matter the project or location.

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