Cultural heritage management plans

A Heritage Management Plan (HMP), also referred to as a Cultural Heritage Management Plan (CHMP), is often required and drafted early on during the development process. This form of document sets out the heritage values of a place and details the appropriate processes to manage it. It is critical to address these values within a Heritage Management Plan document to not only achieve a successful development approval application but to protect the client legally and morally while ensuring that the cultural heritage is retained. The potential damage is mitigated and enables future generations to enjoy it.  

Cultural heritage management plan

These documents are intended to protect and manage Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage while allowing development to proceed. A Heritage Management Plan assesses whether a project will impact cultural heritage values and, as appropriate, outlines management recommendations. Preparation of a Heritage Management Plan usually occurs during the development approval application preparation phase. Our archaeologists and anthropologists work closely with all applicable stakeholders to identify and assess cultural heritage values concerning the proposed development or activity. This way we can mitigate any potential damages to heritage while allowing progress to continue.

Recommendations and measures

Depending on the development and indicated activities, an Heritage Management Plan may be required to be prepared and approved before other statutory approvals are granted. This document contains the assessment results and recommendations for measures to be taken before, during and after an activity. This allows for appropriate management and protection of Aboriginal and historical cultural heritage in the proposed development area. Preparation of a Plan is commissioned and paid for by the project proponent (sponsor).

Successful development approvals application

In almost every development situation across Australia, a Heritage Management Plan is required before any development proceeds. The document may be relatively simple or complex, depending on the context and details of the project. At Trace Enterprises, our experienced and knowledgeable team are ready to provide you with advice and guidance on how to best proceed to achieve a successful development approvals application. No matter how big or small the development, we make sure that the Heritage Management Plan complies with the applicable legislation, protects and mitigates damage to heritage, surpasses industry standards and gets you the development approval you need.

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