Heritage Character Statements

Character Statements, also referred to as Character Area Statements, serve as a crucial analytical tool both for developers and Local Government authorities. These statements offer a comprehensive evaluation of the current attributes and aesthetic landscape of an area, as well as how a proposed development will influence the overall character or character area overlay within a heritage precinct. Often conducted concurrently with Heritage Impact Assessments, these statements provide invaluable insights into the development's contextual appropriateness.

Core Components of a Character Statement

A meticulously crafted Character Statement scrutinises various elements to ascertain the existing character of an area and predict the potential impact of a proposed development. The typical foci include:

  • Historical context, including era and themes of the area;
  • Allotment and subdivision arrangements;
  • Salient architectural features;
  • Building elevation and design parameters;
  • Construction materials;
  • Fencing configurations; and
  • Elements contributing to the setting and public realm features.

Expertise of Trace Enterprises in Crafting Character Statements

Our cadre of seasoned consultants at Trace Enterprises excels in planning, directing, and executing Character Statements for a diverse client base. We are committed to the dual objectives of safeguarding heritage assets while also successfully steering development approvals through regulatory channels. Character Statements are often conducted in parallel with Heritage Impact Assessments to provide a comprehensive evaluation for development projects.

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