At Trace Enterprises, we have recognised the potential benefits of using Photogrammetry techniques in our heritage work, to generate highly accurate 3D site models. Photogrammetry refers to the process of extracting measurements from a series of photographs (aerial and terrestrial). Typically we use drone imagery when capturing larger areas, and these are capable of digitally recording heritage assets in very high-resolution images (1080p, 4k, 8k resolution). Once the measurements of a series of overlapping images are analysed, computer software is working to stitch the images together to form a three-dimensional model. These models are used to store the heritage place's metadata, including size, lengths and volumes of structures and other points of interest. Additionally, they allow the sites to be digitally preserved, becoming virtually accessible to those that would not otherwise have the opportunity to visit them.

We can create three-dimensional models of a range of heritage places and objects, including rock shelters, excavation trenches, rock art, small and large objects, modified trees, stone arrangements, historic buildings and features.

Heritage Management

We believe that this is an element of the future of heritage management and community engagement. This recording method offers a unique way of conveying and experiencing sense of place and being used in conjunction with other forms of digital preservation such as drone photography or cinematography. From a management perspective, it serves as a record of a space at a particular time in history; acting as a valuable reference point in a place's continuous history. This has applications for ongoing site management, or restoration should the site ever be altered or damaged. Since integrating this method into our work and philosophy, we have been privileged to work with various stakeholders to preserve many different heritage forms.

The opportunities and rewards are endless when you choose Trace Enterprises. We believe in leaving behind our heritage for future generations, so let us do it together!


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