Water Quality Testing

Water is essential to life. Without it, we don’t survive, which makes understanding and properly assessing water quality an incredibly important task. Unfortunately, many of our natural resources are in danger due to pollution, climate change, and other sources of contamination. To ensure that our water resources remain safe for us and the environment around us, it’s necessary to monitor water quality on a regular basis. Trace Enterprises specialised hydrology team is committed to ensuring water quality across Western Australia - no matter what industry you're in. Our expert assessments and measurements are designed to give an understanding of the suitability of all kinds of waters for usage, from mining rivers and industrial streams through to pastoral waterways or residential supplies.

The basics of water quality testing

Water quality assessment (water testing) is the process of collecting physical, chemical, biological, and radiological data from a body of water in order to determine its current state of health. This helps scientists identify potential contaminants or changes in water conditions that could be harmful to people or the environment. It also provides a baseline for future monitoring efforts so any changes can be identified quickly.

Testing processes

The testing process begins with sampling. Samples are collected from various locations within a body of water at different points in time so that scientists can get an accurate picture of what’s happening in the water over time. The samples are then brought back to a laboratory where they undergo analysis using specialized equipment such as spectrophotometers or chromatographs. This allows scientists to measure things like pH levels, temperature variations, and concentrations of various substances like metals or bacteria.  Once all the data has been collected and analyzed, scientists can make informed decisions about how best to manage the resource or mitigate any risks associated with it.

Importance of regular testing

Regular testing is essential for maintaining clean water resources because it allows us to detect changes quickly before they become too severe or cause irreparable damage. It also helps us identify potential threats before they become problems so we can take proactive steps towards protecting our natural resources before it’s too late. Finally, regular testing ensures that our drinking water remains safe for human consumption and that ecosystems remain healthy for generations to come.


Water quality assessment is an important part of preserving our valuable natural resources by allowing us to measure their current state of health and detect potential issues before they become serious problems. From monitoring rivers and lakes for pollutants to checking groundwater quality for contamination, regular testing helps protect our communities from harm while ensuring that we have safe drinking water available now and into the future.

Why choose Trace Enterprises for your water quality monitoring and assessment?

The Trace team are highly experienced in water sampling, in-situ testing and analysis. We can conduct a number of specialist assessments including (but not limited to) salinity, conductivity, pH and dissolved oxygen. Our laboratory testing includes a wider range of analysis such as dissolved metals, nutrients, chlorophyll, hydrocarbons and biological agents.

There are different types of waterbodies each with their own traits and characteristics, and our hydrologists are comfortable working in them all, whether its freshwater, saltwater, groundwater, estuarine, wetlands, salt lakes or anything in between we will do all the necessary preparation and background study to provide the best possible report. Some of the water bodies we have worked in include regional rivers, marine systems, groundwater, wetlands, commercial sumps and residential lakes.

At Trace Enterprises we work with you to ensure you get the data you need from the assessment, so you have all the information you need about the water you want to use.


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