Watching briefs (monitoring)

Discover the expertise of our skilled heritage consultants in overseeing and organising archaeological watching briefs, also known as monitoring programs, for projects of any size or intricacy. With extensive experience in commercial consulting, we have the knowledge and capability to efficiently plan, facilitate, and execute all aspects of your watching brief to ensure successful achievement of your commercial venture. Our Aboriginal Cultural Heritage team ensures all compliance factors are achieved and mitigates all risks to the client.

Our team of dedicated professionals specialises in managing archaeological watching briefs, providing vigilant oversight and proactive measures to address any potential issues that may arise during your project. We understand the importance of closely monitoring construction activities and development phases to safeguard cultural heritage sites, features and artefacts.

By entrusting us with your monitoring needs, you can rest assured that we will diligently assess the impact of your project on archaeological resources and implement strategies to mitigate any adverse effects. Our goal is to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements while promoting responsible stewardship of cultural heritage as part of all of our local Aboriginal cultural heritage services.

Whether your project is large-scale or small, complex or straightforward, our team is equipped to handle the monitoring process with precision and expertise. Let us partner with you to navigate the intricacies of archaeological monitoring and contribute to the success and sustainability of your commercial venture.

Our Archaeological Watching Brief Team

At Trace Enterprises, our team of archaeologists and anthropologists brings together a wealth of expertise in Indigenous Australian archaeological projects and commercial consultancy, making us a standout choice for delivering exceptional results. With a deep understanding of Indigenous archaeological sites, we excel at identifying and documenting all types of heritage places while strictly adhering to the highest standards. What sets us apart is our lightning-fast turnaround times with reports, ensuring that our clients receive timely and comprehensive insights into their projects.

We pride ourselves on providing tailored solutions that are specifically designed to meet the unique requirements of each project. By grasping the intricacies of the commercial landscape, we optimise efficiency and deliver maximum value to our clients. Our commitment to high-quality deliverables ensures that our clients receive a top-notch product that exceeds expectations.

Seamless integration: our expertise in your organisation

At Trace Enterprises, we prioritise seamless integration of our services into your existing organisational structures. Our highly experienced team is proficient in on-site work, equipped with Western Australian Construction Induction White Cards and a thorough understanding of on-site safety, protocols, and workflow. We streamline all necessary heritage inductions for work-site personnel and offer a customised archaeological finds management process that is easy to implement. Our team remains accessible throughout your project, and our trained archaeologists are readily available to be on-site as needed.

Choose Trace Enterprises for unparalleled professionalism, expertise, lightning-fast report turnaround times, and a comprehensive understanding of Aboriginal cultural heritage. Partner with us to unlock exceptional outcomes for your projects and experience the difference firsthand.


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