Fauna Surveys

At Trace Enterprises, we are proud to boast a team of seasoned zoologists renowned for their expertise in conducting comprehensive terrestrial fauna assessments, surveys, and monitoring services. With a wealth of experience garnered from projects spanning across Australia and internationally, our team brings unparalleled insights and skills to every assignment.

Our services encompass all levels of terrestrial fauna assessments, including vertebrate and Short Range Endemic (SRE) invertebrate fauna surveys. We understand the critical importance of adhering to industry standards and guidelines, which is why our team designs survey methodologies that align with Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) guidelines for fauna assessments, technical guidance, and national threatened species survey guidelines.

Moreover, at Trace Enterprises, we prioritise collaboration and knowledge-sharing. We have cultivated a diverse professional network of specialists who are ready to contribute their expertise to ensure the success of your project. This collaborative approach allows us to assemble the most knowledgeable and skilled team tailored specifically to meet the unique requirements of each project, guaranteeing exceptional outcomes and client satisfaction.

Baseline Fauna Surveys

Baseline fauna surveys (also referred to as basic fauna surveys) form the foundation of our fauna services at Trace Enterprises. With meticulous attention to detail and a commitment to scientific rigor, we conduct these surveys to gain a comprehensive understanding of fauna habitat types and the overall fauna assemblage within specific areas. Our approach integrates non-invasive survey techniques, emphasising minimal disturbance to the habitat and its inhabitants while maximising data accuracy.

Our team of experienced zoologists and fauna ecologists employs a range of proven techniques during these baseline fauna surveys. These techniques include active searches, ornithological surveys, soil and leaf litter sieving, and strategic foraging methodologies. In addition, we harness cutting-edge tools such as motion cameras to enhance our survey capabilities and capture nuanced wildlife behavior.

Throughout the survey process, detailed habitat mapping and observation documentation are central to our methodology. We meticulously record fauna habitats, species sightings, and relevant environmental factors, ensuring a comprehensive and accurate dataset. By digitising and analysing this data in our office and lab, we generate valuable insights into fauna presence, distribution patterns, and habitat suitability.

The outcomes of our baseline fauna surveys are instrumental in informing conservation initiatives, biodiversity management plans, and regulatory compliance assessments. These surveys provide essential information on the likelihood of encountering conservation significant fauna species, contributing to informed decision-making and sustainable practices. Trace Enterprises provides precise, reliable, and actionable data that drives effective wildlife management strategies.

Detailed Fauna Surveys

At Trace Enterprises, our detailed fauna surveys represent a sophisticated and comprehensive approach to wildlife assessment, integrating diverse survey techniques to capture a nuanced understanding of fauna habitats and species assemblages. We leverage a range of advanced methodologies, including trapping programs and non-invasive techniques, tailored to the unique characteristics of each survey site and the fauna species potentially present.

Trapping programs deployed during detailed fauna surveys adhere strictly to EPA fauna guidelines, ensuring ethical and effective capture methods. Our team selects trap types strategically to target a broad spectrum of fauna species that may inhabit the survey area. Concurrently, we employ non-invasive survey techniques to complement trapping efforts, specifically focusing on species not easily detected through traps or those inhabiting remote and inaccessible habitats.

The primary objective of our detailed fauna surveys is to conduct a comprehensive assessment of fauna habitats and assemblages within specific areas. We meticulously evaluate the presence or likelihood of encountering conservation significant fauna species, providing critical insights into habitat suitability and biodiversity conservation. Our surveys are designed with scientific rigor and precision, adhering to industry best practices and regulatory standards, to deliver accurate and actionable data for informed decision-making and wildlife management strategies. Trust Trace Enterprises for detailed terrestrial fauna surveys that yield invaluable insights into wildlife conservation and habitat management.

Targeted Fauna Survey and Relocation

Targeted fauna surveys exemplify an advanced and tailored approach to wildlife assessment, integrating species-specific survey techniques based on federal guidelines and expert advice. Our comprehensive arsenal of survey methods includes cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies, ensuring thorough and precise data collection for targeted wildlife species.

Species-specific survey techniques deployed during targeted fauna surveys encompass a range of innovative tools and instruments. These include infrared motion-sensitive cameras, cage traps, Aluminium box traps, passive acoustic recorders, eDNA samples, scat collections, active searches, and road spotting. Each technique is carefully selected and implemented based on the specific requirements of the survey site and the targeted wildlife species under investigation.

Our targeted surveys are designed to provide in-depth insights into the presence, abundance, and behavior of specific wildlife species of interest. We adhere strictly to federal guidelines and industry standards, ensuring ethical and effective survey practices. The data collected through targeted surveys is instrumental in informing conservation strategies, habitat management plans, and biodiversity assessments, contributing significantly to wildlife conservation and environmental stewardship efforts.

Partner with Trace Enterprises for targeted surveys that leverage state-of-the-art technologies and expert methodologies, delivering accurate and actionable data for informed wildlife management and conservation decision-making. Trust our experienced team to conduct targeted surveys that meet the highest standards of scientific rigor and regulatory compliance, supporting your efforts in protecting and preserving wildlife species of concern.

Fauna Monitoring

Monitoring programs for Threatened fauna species are crucial for assessing the status, trends, and conservation needs of these vulnerable populations. At Trace Enterprises, our team of experienced zoologists and fauna ecologists specialises in developing and implementing comprehensive monitoring programs tailored to meet the specific requirements of Threatened fauna species. These programs utilise a range of species-specific survey and monitoring techniques, both invasive and non-invasive, based on guidelines, requirements, and government advice pertaining to each species.

Our approach to fauna monitoring programs is characterised by cost-effectiveness, high informativeness, and strict compliance with regulatory standards. We leverage a variety of methods and technologies to gather accurate and reliable data on Threatened fauna species. This includes:

  • Infrared motion-sensitive cameras: Deployed to capture images or videos of wildlife species through motion detection triggers, providing insights into behavior and habitat use.
  • Cage and Aluminium box traps: Utilised for safely capturing and studying Threatened fauna specimens for identification, health assessment, and population monitoring.
  • Passive acoustic and ultrasonic recorders: Employed to record and analyse wildlife vocalisations, calls, and sounds for species identification and habitat assessment.
  • DNA analysis of scat samples and other tissue: Conducted to genetically identify Threatened species based on collected biological samples.
  • Collection of eDNA samples: Used for detecting the presence of Threatened species through environmental DNA analysis, which can provide valuable information on species occurrence and distribution.
  • Active searches: Conducted by skilled field experts to visually locate, identify, and monitor Threatened fauna species through direct observation and habitat assessment.

By integrating these advanced survey and monitoring techniques into our monitoring programs, we ensure that our clients receive comprehensive and actionable data for effective Threatened fauna conservation and management. Our commitment to excellence, ethical practices, and compliance enables us to deliver valuable insights and contribute significantly to the preservation of Threatened fauna species and their habitats.

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