Terrestrial Surveys & Assessments

Committed to preserving natural environments

Trace Enterprises is your premier provider for comprehensive terrestrial environmental assessments. Expanding beyond our established aquatic services, we deliver indispensable analysis on the health and biodiversity of terrestrial ecosystems, all grounded in the exceptional scientific rigor and quality you've come to anticipate from our organisation.

Our specialised offerings encompass Botanical Surveys, meticulously examining the plant species composition within specific geographical locales. Leveraging a team of experienced botanists and ecologists, we assess critical variables such as native versus invasive species, soil quality metrics, and plant health indicators. This data empowers your organisation to make judicious decisions concerning land use and conservation strategies.

Trace Enterprises proudly offers extensive Fauna Surveys, delivering incisive analysis of animal communities within designated ecosystems. Utilizing a cadre of expert ecologists, we evaluate essential parameters such as species diversity, population dynamics, and habitat suitability. This comprehensive approach ensures an in-depth understanding of ecological health while proactively identifying potential risks or threats.

For urban and suburban landscapes, our Tree Risk Assessments stand as an indispensable tool. Employing certified arborists and environmental scientists, we conduct meticulous evaluations of individual trees and forested regions. We focus on identifying risk factors related to tree health, age, and structural integrity, thereby facilitating more enlightened management practices.

In addition, we furnish Environmental Impact Assessments designed to rigorously gauge the potential ramifications of proposed projects on both biotic and abiotic environmental components. These assessments consider water, soil, and air quality metrics, alongside potential impacts on indigenous flora and fauna, providing a holistic understanding of project implications.


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