Historic Heritage Services

Heritage Services

Trace Archaeology

Trace Enterprises: Leading Australian heritage consultant

With expertise in historic heritage assessments, we are highly experienced in identifying, evaluating, and managing significant heritage places and objects. We not only conduct these assessments, but also provide expert advice and guidance to government agencies, mining sectors, developers, and property owners.

At Trace Enterprises, we are the leading heritage consultants in Australia. With a team of highly skilled archaeologists, anthropologists, and technical specialists, we have the expertise to handle any heritage management project.

With our extensive knowledge and experience, our heritage consultants specialise in planning and facilitating all types of archaeological heritage assessments throughout Australia. We approach each project with care, enthusiasm, and efficiency, ensuring tailored solutions that meet and often exceed our clients' needs.

By properly managing and protecting historic heritage places and objects, we ensure that future generations can enjoy these valuable assets. To learn more about our services, please browse through the index or contact us with any questions you may have.


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