Archaeological surveys

Our team has a wealth of experience coordinating Aboriginal archaeological surveys to fulfil Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessments’ requirements and to inform all stakeholders. We have been fortunate to develop many close working relationships with different Indigenous Australian Native Title groups through this work. We always respect the privilege of working on country with Traditional Owners and Cultural Custodians and feel honoured to have been involved in so many important projects.

Transparency and ethics

Trace Enterprises, provides trusted expert opinions, built on transparency and a strong ethical foundation. We always maintain open and direct communication with the team, our clients and all relevant stakeholders, seeking to build positive relationships between all parties involved on a project. Having previously worked with many mining proponents, we bring with us a wealth of knowledge in the correct approach and processes. We use these insights to coordinate heritage surveys from the field seamlessly.

Experience Efficiency and Innovation: Enhancing Archaeological Surveys


With our cutting-edge digital recording methods and innovative technology, we exceed the standard in archaeological surveys. Our capabilities go beyond traditional methods, utilising Ground Penetrating Radar, 3D Mapping and Photogrammetry, Aerial Photography and Cinematography, and GIS software. These advancements not only improve efficiency but also generate valuable new data and possibilities. For example, our aerial cinematography allows virtual access to areas that may be inaccessible to some community members.

Engaging with Traditional Owners: A Collaborative Approach 


We deeply value the opportunity to work on Traditional Owner land and actively seek to engage with their representatives during our field surveys. We recognise the knowledge and connection they have to the land and strive to learn from them. In return, we share our archaeological expertise, empowering and benefiting everyone involved.


An inclusive approach: Enhancing in-field training for Traditional Owner representatives 


We believe in fostering an inclusive environment and providing valuable training experiences to Traditional Owner representatives. We encourage them to actively participate in recording their own country using new and innovative techniques. Together, we create a shared vision and enthusiasm for the project.

Experience the expertise of the Trace Enterprises team in conducting Aboriginal heritage surveys in diverse environments, including remote areas. With qualifications in emergency first aid and four-wheel drive, our team is equipped to handle any situation. We approach every project with a positive attitude, ensuring success no matter the location.

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