Archaeological surveys

Our team of Australian archaeologists and anthropologists brings extensive experience in coordinating Aboriginal archaeological surveys to meet the requirements of the project and legislation. This allows us to inform stakeholders effectively. We have extensive experience in providing archaeological geophysical surveys, archaeological field surveys, aerial archaeology surveys and more.

Over the years, we have cultivated strong partnerships with various Indigenous Australian Native Title groups, fostering close working relationships through our work. We approach every project with respect for the privilege of working on country with Traditional Owners and Cultural Custodians, considering it an honour to contribute to significant initiatives in collaboration with Indigenous Australian communities.

Transparency and Ethics

Trace Enterprises, provides trusted expert opinions, built on transparency and a strong ethical foundation. We always maintain open and direct communication with the team, our clients and all relevant stakeholders, seeking to build positive relationships between all parties involved on a project. Having previously worked with many mining proponents, we bring with us a wealth of knowledge in the correct approach and processes. We use these insights to coordinate heritage surveys from the field seamlessly.

Integrated heritage management for mining and exploration projects

Our expertise extends to comprehensive heritage management for mining projects, encompassing the full management for all required heritage works. This includes regular meetings with clients and stakeholders, drafting of heritage notices and the management of spatial data on behalf of our mining clients. At Trace Enterprises, we take pride in our ability to coordinate all aspects of heritage works, from engagement with stakeholders to liaising with Native Title Representatives. Our team ensures meticulous organisation throughout the process, guaranteeing that heritage considerations are seamlessly integrated into mining operations. With our support, our mining and exploration clients can navigate the complexities of heritage management confidently, meeting regulatory requirements and fostering positive relationships with Indigenous communities.

Cultivating Collaborative partnerships with Aboriginal communities


We hold a profound appreciation for the privilege of working on Traditional Owner land and are passionate about engagement with their representatives throughout our field surveys. Acknowledging their extensive knowledge and deep connection to the land, we are committed to learning from them. In reciprocity, we share our archaeological expertise, fostering empowerment and mutual benefit for all parties involved.


An inclusive approach: Enhancing in-field training for Traditional Owner representatives 

In our commitment to inclusivity, we prioritise providing valuable training opportunities to Traditional Owner representatives. We actively encourage their participation in utilising new and innovative techniques to record their country. Through collaborative efforts, we cultivate a shared vision and enthusiasm for each project.

Experience the unparalleled expertise of the Trace Enterprises' team in conducting Aboriginal heritage surveys across diverse environments, including remote areas. Our team holds qualifications in emergency first aid and four-wheel driving, ensuring preparedness for any situation. We approach every project with a positive mindset, guaranteeing success regardless of the location.

For your upcoming heritage project, rest assured that we are fully equipped to support you. Feel free to reach out with any inquiries or further questions.


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