Site auditing & compliance

The expertise of the Trace Enterprises team extends beyond the realm of heritage approvals and heritage site archaeology surveys to include a comprehensive array of site auditing services, compliance services and heritage conservation solutions. We are equipped to support your organisation in the efficacious stewardship of heritage locations through various modalities. Ranging from active site monitoring and heritage surveying to the scrupulous evaluation of extant organisational policies and governance frameworks, our services aim to ensure steadfast compliance with statutory obligations and the preservation of integral heritage values.

Re-assessment, visitation and heritage surveying

Our comprehensive monitoring services involve a meticulous approach to assessing individual sites, ensuring the preservation and protection of their significant components. Through detailed site recording and periodic re-assessment, we employ a proactive methodology to detect and address any potential site disturbance. By selecting key indicators of site change, we can effectively audit existing site management strategies and identify any long-term cumulative alterations that may necessitate prompt rectification to fulfil legislative obligations. In instances where concerns arise, we collaborate closely with organisations to develop innovative management strategies and establish ongoing monitoring protocols to continually assess their effectiveness. With our expertise and dedication to upholding regulatory requirements, we provide our clients with peace of mind and the assurance that their sites are being diligently monitored and managed.

Our Team

At Trace Enterprises, we bring to the table a robust set of specialised competencies and capabilities designed to manage comprehensive, ongoing heritage monitoring programs that are not confined to isolated site-specific challenges. Understanding that each heritage environment possesses unique attributes, we deploy an adaptive monitoring strategy that is fine-tuned for maximal operational efficacy and efficiency. Additionally, we offer the provision of auditing services targeted at organisational heritage practices, thereby delivering an impartial and thorough quality management assessment. Through this scrupulous evaluative process, we critically assess existing managerial approaches and conduct an in-depth analysis of the heritage locales under review, thereby quantifying the success metrics of instituted protocols.

For organisations operating in areas that hold significant heritage value, Trace Enterprises serves as your dependable ally in adeptly manoeuvring through the complexities associated with ongoing legislative and compliance obligations. Our team of seasoned professionals is adept at clarifying any ambiguities and will provide proficient guidance at each step of the compliance lifecycle. Trace Enterprises remains steadfast in its commitment to ensuring the seamless execution of all your heritage-related compliance requirements.


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