Social surrounds consultation

Experience the industry-leading social surrounds consultation services from Trace Enterprises. Our team of heritage and environmental specialists work closely with clients, Aboriginal Cultural Consultants, and other stakeholders to accurately document the cultural values and beliefs in connection to the environment. We leave no stone unturned in capturing the intrinsic connection of Aboriginal people to their country, including its aesthetic, cultural, economic, political, and social aspects. Trust us to maintain the highest level of standards in preserving and honoring this connection between people and the environment, flora, and fauna.

Creating strong partnerships with Aboriginal communities

At Trace Enterprises, we are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with various Indigenous Native Title groups, Traditional Owners and Cultural Custodians of the land and waters that we are privileged to work in and on. We deeply value the honour of working on country alongside Aboriginal people, and take pride in our involvement in numerous essential projects.

Enhancing collaboration

At Trace Enterprises, we believe in open and honest communication. Our trusted expert opinions are built on a solid ethical foundation, ensuring transparency in all our interactions. We prioritise maintaining open and direct lines of communication with our team, clients, and other stakeholders. By fostering positive relationships between all parties involved in a project, we ensure a smooth and successful collaboration. Drawing from our extensive experience working with mining proponents, we possess valuable knowledge of the correct approach and processes. This knowledge allows us to seamlessly coordinate heritage surveys from the field, delivering unparalleled results.

Maximising efficiency and enhancing access: our state-of-the-art surveys and assessments

Experience the future of social surrounds consultation with our cutting-edge digital recording methods and innovative technology. Our approach goes above and beyond traditional practices, allowing us to achieve unparalleled efficiency. Embracing ground-breaking technologies brings forth not only greater effectiveness but also unlocks valuable new data and opportunities. For instance, our use of aerial cinematography provides virtual access to previously inaccessible areas, allowing community members to explore the country like never before, even from the comfort of their own homes. Discover a whole new world of possibilities with our advanced surveying and assessment techniques.

Experience the difference with Trace Enterprises

At Trace Enterprises, we prioritise engaging with Aboriginal communities in a meaningful way during social surrounds consultations. We understand the importance of their knowledge and respect the privilege of working on their land. Through this mutual exchange, we empower and benefit everyone involved.

Our team brings a wealth of experience in planning, facilitating, and conducting social surrounds consultations in various environments, including remote areas. Equipped with emergency first aid and four-wheel drive qualifications, we are fully prepared to tackle any project or situation with a positive attitude.

If you have an enquiry about Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Assessment, look no further. Trace Enterprises is here to assist you. Don't hesitate to reach out to us with any questions you may have.


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