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Achieving outstanding Aboriginal cultural heritage outcomes

At Trace Enterprises, we are committed to the preservation and protection of Aboriginal cultural heritage, placing it at the forefront of our mission. Our dedicated team of highly experienced archaeologists, anthropologists, osteologists, and technical experts strive to find holistic solutions that benefit all stakeholders involved. Our approach goes beyond meeting legal requirements; we prioritise fulfilling moral obligations and respecting Aboriginal land rights.

The demand for aboriginal consulting services with expertise in Aboriginal cultural heritage has witnessed significant growth in recent years. It is imperative that these consultants possess the skills to recognise and safeguard Indigenous Australian archaeological heritage sites effectively. At Trace Enterprises, our consultants boast years of experience in the field and possess extensive knowledge of all relevant legislation.

We ensure that all parties involved adhere to the correct legislative guidelines, fostering a collaborative environment that aims for positive outcomes. Trust us to be your partner for local aboriginal cultural heritage services to achieve successful project outcomes.

Our services include due diligence assessments, archaeological and ethnographic surveys, archaeological excavations, artefact analysis, monitoring programs and cultural heritage management plans. We also plan, manage and facilitate community engagement on behalf of our clients. Take a look at our range of Aboriginal cultural heritage services below or contact us for more information.


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