Excavation and salvage

Explore the world of archaeology with Trace Enterprises. We are experts in global archaeological excavations, from Australia to worldwide locations. With extensive experience in challenging environments, we excel in projects of all scales. Our comprehensive services include planning, excavation, and analysis for any archaeological project, guaranteeing exceptional results every time. Join us on a journey through history and discovery.

Project management

Experience efficient project management with Trace Enterprises. We excel in handling stakeholder engagement and securing approvals. Our expertise in communication and negotiation guarantees a smooth legal process. Our team navigates the intricate dynamics between multiple stakeholder groups, prioritising mutual agreement and achieving positive outcomes for all parties involved. Rest assured, our extensive knowledge of legal frameworks and development approvals ensures that every project meets all necessary criteria before commencement. Trust us to deliver peace of mind from start to finish.

Excavation and salvage projects: experienced and efficient archaeological services

With years of expertise under our belt, our team is equipped with the necessary tools to execute excavation and salvage projects to the highest archaeological standards. We prioritise efficiency and accuracy in our work, utilising the latest technology such as Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in our excavation planning process. This targeted approach ensures precise excavation programs.

Drawing from our previous work on Indigenous excavations in Australia, we have gained valuable insight into the complexities and challenges of excavating sites that span thousands of years of history. We understand the importance of careful excavation recording to extract relevant archaeological information effectively.

Handling artefact material with the utmost care and respect, we recognise the potentially destructive nature of archaeological excavation and salvage. To mitigate any loss of information, we diligently record detailed archaeological data while meeting timeframes, budgets, and project outcomes.

Upon the completion of every excavation or salvage operation, we provide our clients with a comprehensive report within the agreed-upon timeframe. Additionally, our team is well-equipped to conduct post-excavation artefact analysis or research upon request.

If you have any inquiries regarding our Indigenous excavations or need assistance with a project, please don't hesitate to contact us.


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