Vikings Exhibition at the WA Maritime Museum

Over the christmas break, our managing director Joshua Davis and his family attended the Western Australian maritime museum’s ‘vikings–warriors of the north, giants of the sea’ exhibit. This fantastic exhibition features over 140 artefacts dated between 750 and 1100 CE, that provides a unique glimpse at life during the Viking Age and demonstrates that this seafaring culture was highly sophisticated, adaptive and advanced for its time.


Joshua Davis


January 12, 2021

The Vikings were the seafaring people from southern Scandinavia, now present-day Denmark, Norway and Sweden. These Norse people are often stereotyped as being ruthless raiders, adorned with horned helms, wanting nothing else but to murder, pillage and burn any town or monastery that appears before them.The exhibition discusses topics including ship building, navigation, equality and women’s rights (although still a patriarchal dominated society), trade, religion and the importance of the Gods, farming, homelife and warfare to name a few. The artefacts displayed included preserved Viking weaponry, jewellery, ceremonial and religious artefacts, tools, ancient currency, and even reconstructed portions of Viking ships.

The general layout and displays of information were well thought out and highly engaging for all ages. Hunter (2.5 years old) and Blake (7 years old), Joshua and Katie’s sons found the exhibition interesting and there was not one moment where the boys complained about being bored. With so many fascinating artefacts and pictorial displays to look at, the boys remained engaged the entire time.

The use of touchscreen displays was certainly a highlight and not overused, with opportunities for adults and children to assist the Vikings building a longship, playing a traditional board game or having a photo with a digital Viking Warrior (Huskarl). After working our way through all of the amazing displays, Blake had many questions about life as a Viking and Hunter was exhausted and required a good ol’ fashion nap.

In Joshua and his family’s opinion, the exhibition is a must see and reasonably priced. Don’t miss out on learning about the Vikings! The exhibition is only at the WA Maritime Museum in Fremantle till the 16th May 2021. You can find more information for the exhibition here

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