Perth Metro Region Tree Health and Risk Assessment

In March 2022, Zahra, our accomplished botanist at Trace Ecology, was commissioned by Wallbridge Gilbert Aztec (WGA) to perform a meticulous tree health and risk assessment within the vicinity of their proposed project sites. The project's cornerstone was to evaluate the vitality of the existing trees, and forecast the potential ramifications of construction on the structural integrity of the surrounding arboreal sentinels within the proposed development envelope.


Perth, Western Australia


March 2022



Joined by a cohort of skilled ecologists from Trace Enterprises, Zahra embarked on a meticulous field investigation, determined to procure vital data for an ecological assessment. The team meticulously cataloged tree species, evaluated their health, and recorded comprehensive metrics, including tree height, trunk circumference, canopy radius, and estimated root system spread. This array of data was instrumental in delineating necessary protection zones for each tree situated within the potential impact area of the development.

Upon reconvening at the office, the wealth of data garnered from the field was synthesised to delineate tree protection zones and approximate the spatial extent of each tree's root system. Utilising sophisticated technical software, Zahra was able to create visual representations of these zones, thus providing our clients with a detailed and comprehensible visual map.

The team's exhaustive research, undertaken both pre- and post-fieldwork, furnished us with the insight to assess the stability of each tree following pruning and to identify potential risks that warranted avoidance. This foundational research also informed our strategic recommendations for mitigating measures during construction and excavation processes, aimed at minimising damage to the root systems.

By conducting this extensive tree health and risk evaluation, our team was able to offer well-informed advice and devise strategies to mitigate impact, thereby ensuring the preservation and resilience of the trees within the construction site's footprint.


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