CBH Heritage Surveys and Monitoring

Trace Enterprises has been providing large-scale monitoring and heritage survey works to CBH Group this year. Our consultants worked closely with Cultural Consultants (monitors) from the appropriate Aboriginal Corporations to survey the land at CBH Group grain receival sites across the wheatbelt of Western Australia. Our team coordinated with local contractors and the Aboriginal Corporations and parties during the initial ground disturbance as part of a large scale development for preparations of a significantly large grain harvest in 2022.


Wheatbelt, Western Australia


April, 2022



The recent surveys and heritage monitoring endeavors provided our team with a remarkable opportunity to collaborate closely with the rightful Custodians of the land and CBH, ensuring the safeguarding of cultural heritage within the project locales. Our consultants were present onsite from the commencement of initial ground disturbances, and, if necessary, remained until completion, with durations ranging from a few days to as much as three weeks.

Our engagement was predominantly with the Ballardong Aboriginal Corporation, along with the Yued and Wagyl Kaip Aboriginal groups. Our Project Officer received substantial support and successfully provided Cultural Consultants (monitors) upon request from CBH. Both our team and the Cultural Consultants exhibited tremendous enthusiasm and flexibility, adeptly navigating the brisk tempo of the development project. The collaboration and assistance from the various Aboriginal groups were invaluable, facilitating the timely completion of the works in alignment with the harvest schedule.

Trace consultants thoroughly relished the experience, gaining insight into the diligence of Western Australia’s farmers. The feedback received from all stakeholders was overwhelmingly positive, and we eagerly anticipate future collaborations with CBH Group and the different Aboriginal Corporations. Our team members were fortunate to immerse themselves in the local communities during their site assignments, utilizing local accommodations and enjoying meals from local eateries.

A heartfelt acknowledgment is extended to Wendy, our Project Officer, who orchestrated the entire project with exceptional coordination. Her tireless efforts in managing accommodations, meals, and synchronizing all parties across this expansive development project in Western Australia ensured a win-win outcome for all involved. This multifaceted operation, with its numerous components, was executed on time, within budget, and with professional management throughout. Witnessing the satisfaction of clients and stakeholders after extensive hard work is profoundly gratifying.

With enthusiasm and expertise, we anticipate the next challenge that awaits us!


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