Broome pioneer cemetery monitoring

In June 2022 Trace Archaeology was contracted by the Shire of Broome to undertake monitoring during ground-breaking works at the Broome Pioneer Cemetery. Due to my experience with human remains I was fortunate to be selected to conduct the monitoring, under the supervision of Trace Archaeology‘s CEO Joshua Davis.


Broome, WA


June, 2022



The Broome Pioneer Cemetery was first in use in 1883 and is the resting place of many people who have died at sea. The cemetery contains memorials for many prominent Broome pearling families as well. The installation planned for the Pioneer Cemetery was designed and implemented by Scape-ism Murals and included an information wall regarding the location and information of the graves, as well as two decorative chairs for reflection.

The Shire of Broome has done wonderful work along the Town Beach foreshore, creating a tranquil and beautiful place for families to gather. The work happening in the Pioneer Cemetery is a continuation of this rejuvenation and information delivering project that also includes a beautiful tribute to the Dutch refugees who lost their lives during a Second World War bombing raid in 1942.

The second day of my monitoring project, one of the contractors came down with Covid, a common occurrence of the times, and I was asked to get my hands dirty and assist because the concrete truck was on its way and all hands-on deck were required! Though I don’t believe my skills were terribly useful during the concreting process, I was well equipped to wield a hose and keep the footings damp, as well as fetch, carry, and be official photographer.

Mornings spent in the cemetery with breathtaking views out across Town Beach, and afternoons spent visiting the local museum and taking in sunset at beautiful Cable Beach or Gantheaume Point meant that my time spent in Broome felt less like a work trip and more like a holiday. This project was just one of the fantastic opportunities that have come my way while working as an archaeologist and osteologist with Trace Archaeology.


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