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We assisted a multi-national construction company, Fulton Hogan, for a national scale cable-laying project. Our experienced botanists at Trace, conducted Detailed Flora and Vegetation Assessments to document the floral communities along 1,200km linear project corridor. Our dedicated botanists conducted these surveys using 50m x 50m quadrats along the project corridor as per EPA guidelines to document flora species with a special attention to Priority and Threatened species.


Goldfields, Nullarbor, and Arid Interior of Western Australia


2023 - Ongoing



Our team knows what they are doing...

Designing and executing such large-scale flora surveys require a clear understanding of Commonwealth and State legislation, and EPA guidelines. Our botanists conducted both spring and autumn surveys following the EPA guidelines since the project corridor is distributed across two botanical provinces in Western Australia. At each quadrat, a wealth of information was collected to support the mission of the survey including floral characteristics (e.g. species and community assemblages), habitat characteristics (e.g. dominant species/plant forms, landform and soil), and anthropogenic impacts (e.g. weeds, disturbances).

Our team is equipped with the required training, knowledge and permits...

The primary goal of flora surveys is to collect a strong dataset on flora species and communities. To achieve this goal, our botanists utilised both electronic and conventional data collection methods together with photography and collecting flora specimens for identification. Our botanists are equipped with the required permits and training to properly collect flora samples and prepare them for subsequent identification at the Trace laboratory.

Plant identification is not that easy...

Accurate flora identification requires disciplined work combined with an array of resources including experience, identification keys and, in some cases, expert advice. That is why our botanists love to spend time at the Western Australian Herbarium using the herbarium collection and collaborating with their network of experts. Our botanists are developing a strong expertise on flora and vegetation communities in Goldfields, Nullarbor, and Arid Interior in addition to adding hundreds or hours working in remote and challenging environments. Our dedicated team at Trace have the expertise and capability of handling anything from a small mineral exploration project to a ten-thousand-hectare wind development project.  

Big or small- we do it all!


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